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Welcome to BGM Computers

BGM Computers offer a wide range of services such as Computer Repairs, Maintenance, Computer Builds and Hardware. We also offer Home & Business Setups, Data Solutions, IT Security and Managed IT Services throughout Wollongong.


Home and Office computers


Get exactly what you need with a custom system tailored to your needs! The perfect balance of performance / price with top shelf quality and reliability. Perfect for any home or general office application.




From CAD work to machine learning, audio production, video editing, & everything in between, our custom workstations come packed full of the latest multi-threaded CPUs, high speed memory, & Quadro GPUs.




If you’re looking for the ultimate gaming PC to play all the latest games with max settings or something basic we have you covered.


Partnered with the biggest names in the IT industry to provide our clients with the most up to date and highest quality of product & services!